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Culturally Connected

Please see the home page for current free and open to the public offerings


We are for hire for consultations, lessons and tailor made workshops.

We work with individuals, groups, organizations, corporations and communities, supporting youth programs, residencies and more...

Acting & Drama Classes
Theater Lights
On stage and off...

Olisa Enrico (MFA) has a background in acting, directing, voice and speech. Specializing in Ritual Poetic Drama Within the African Continuum and Archetypes for the Actor, Olisa will support you and/or your organization on your journey toward emotional connection and expression of the voice and body. 

Ebony Arunga (BFA) offers personal lessons in the art of production and stage management. Women of color are unicorns in the field and Ebony is dedicated to sharing her professional expertise in order to bring more women of color into production management. Her roster is currently full however we are accepting names for our wait list.

Singing & Dance
Speak. Sing. Dance.

Felisha Barnes  (BFA) offers a singing journey in which the participants explore the emotional manifestation of sound. She leads a riveting class for all ages that teaches the singer to connect to the spiritual center of the voice

Olisa Enrico (MFA) offers coaching for performers who desire to maximize their potential. Olisa teaches exercises for the breath and body that give a performer power over their personal process and growth. 

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