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Asé Voices
youth development through cultural arts

Asé Theatre designs culturally responsive arts based curriculum for people of all ages.

We specialize in Devised theater, Creative Movement, Hip Hop Music and Spoken Word Poetry.

We encourage and empower the process of finding, cultivating and expressing your voice

and fostering the courage to share that voice with others. 

Youth are the future and they are the present.

Asé Theatre programs and curricula facilitate

an exploration and expression of self and community.

Through story we engage in cultural connection.


Discover, explore, and use voice, movement, song and word

as a tool for personal and collective expression.

Past Programming

2023 gxrlz act IG 01.png

Gxrlz Act is a two-week exploration of culturally specific healing modalities, including movement, dance, songwriting, and acting. Through this immersive theatrical experience, we empower young gxrlz to embrace their voices, celebrate their identities, and unleash their creativity. We believe that the transformative art of storytelling holds immense power, especially when it stems from the unique perspectives and diaspora of Womxn of Color. During the program, participants engage in a comprehensive curriculum where they cultivate their artistic skills, nurture their self-expression, and discover the strength within themselves. Through a collaborative and supportive environment, teenage gxrlz are encouraged to explore their artistic potential, build confidence, and forge lifelong friendships. As a token of our commitment, participating youth are compensated with a stipend, ensuring their dedication is recognized and valued. The pinnacle of Gxrlz Act is the culminating performance, where the young gxrlz showcase their original works to the community. This captivating display of talent, passion, and resilience serves as a testament to the transformative power of art. It's a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the collective voices of our aspiring performers.

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