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Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals who bring our vision to life. Each team member at Ase Theatre is driven by a passion for storytelling and a commitment to creating meaningful experiences for our community.

Aishe Keita

Aishe Keita is a healing artist and co-founder of Niles Edge Healing Arts Collective. She focuses on womb healing , breathwork, meditation, spiritual development and herbalism.  With roots from Jamaica and Africa she pulls knowledge from her ancestors. She is a certified breath practitioner using the breath to heal ailments in the body; stress, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety etc. 

Aishe is passionate about womb healing with a focus on fibroids, sexual assault and abortion. She uses her training in spirituality, herbalism and Mayan abdominal Massage (sobada) to allow you to heal yourself.


Co-Artistic Director, Lead Teaching Artist

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Capturing the Engagement and Dedication of Our Team