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“... Thanks to Olisa, I speak with purpose, I am not ashamed to take up space in a room and I have self- respect. Olisa keeps it real. She will check students who are not living up to their potential and she will challenge students to change "I can't" to "I'll try." 

—  Denise Chen

Testimonials from youth

"Ms. Olisa changed my life. She has been so patient with me yet she always pushes me to my limit. Besides music, she’s taught me how to love and be comfortable with myself along with taking care of myself (and vocal chords). I’m so thankful for all she has done for me and it makes me happy to see she’s doing this so hopefully she can help other youth the same way she has helped me."

Testimonial from youth

-Ivanna Garza

testimonial from youth

-Naomi Jimenez

Her smile, I'll be having a bad day and once I walked in her classroom she’ll smile and just ask me how my day was going and that would just make my day more better. It was just really fun, we had good times and some bad times but I learned a lot from her and I really miss being one of her students.

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