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Griot Girlz is Now Ase Theatre

Griot Girlz recently made the decision to change its name to Asé Theatre. This change reflects the company's commitment to inclusivity and cultural authenticity, as the term "griot" refers specifically to West African storytellers, while "asé" is a Yoruba word meaning "power, authority, and respect."

The decision to change the name of the company was not made lightly, and the members of Griot Girlz spent a lot of time discussing and considering the implications of the change. They ultimately came to the conclusion that the new name, Asé Theatre, better represents the company's mission and values.

Asé Theatre is dedicated to using the power of storytelling and theater to promote social justice and encourage dialogue about important issues. The company's performances often center on themes of race, gender, and identity, and the members of Asé Theatre believe that the new name will help to better reflect the diverse and inclusive nature of their work.

The change to Asé Theatre is just one example of the way that companies and organizations are working to become more inclusive and representative of all members of their communities. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of continuously learning and growing, and of the need to listen to and consider the perspectives and experiences of those who have historically been marginalized.

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