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We are looking for Black womxn performers for paid devising work. We will explore song, movement, dance, drum, story, emotion to develop specific theatrical themes and devices. These thematic elements will be woven into the fabric of the final piece scheduled for production March 2023. The time considerations includes weekly African drum and dance sessions July-September, in addition to monthly sessions focused on soundscapes and songs, as well as weekly 3 hour devising workshop sessions. November/December. pay is $25/hour to bring Dispersed: The Womxn of Region 6 from the page to the stage!

Dispersed: The Womxn of Region Six is a collaborative work which features story, music, dance, drum and community as we traverse the diverse existence and commonalities of Black Womxn of the African Diaspora The African diaspora was named Region Six of the African Union in 2003. In March 2023 at Langston is the historically Black Central District neighborhood, the audience will engage as interactive participants encouraged to talk back, sing with, move with, play with the performers. The stage is percussive, and the costumes a rainbow of browns, the eternal spirits of life and death dressed in white and black respectively complete the circle as we cycle through into transformation. 7 multi talented Black Womxn performing artists will grace the stage inviting the audience to journey through time and space. Revealing the multiplicity of truths that Black Womxn throughout the world. A rainbow of melanin expose the joy of Blackness despite the oppression of white supremacist patriarchal colonial terror. We traverse The thrill of being a woman free in herself and the power of sisterhood in a patriarchal space. The acknowledgement of stereotypes and how those tropes attempt to hold Black womxn in mental bondage attempting to fit into a mold that was made for white definitions of femininity. The play Dispersed: The Womxn of Region Six is a celebration of the diversity of Black Womxn.

Apply to be a contributor to this collaborative experience

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